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April 23, 2014

2014 All State Combine at River Bluff High School

The 2014 All State Football Combine is set for SATURDAY, APRIL 26TH. at RIVER BLUFF HIGH SCHOOL. CHECK IN IS AT 8:00 AM We are excited about seeing you at the combine. It is very important that you read the information packet at the link below. I would recommend printing it. You also need to open the link to the Release form and print it as well. Players without this release form signed by a parent or guardian will NOT be allowed to particpate in the event and will not recieve a refund. Have this filled out when you arrive at registration check in on the day of the combine. We will not have time at the check in table to fill out these forms. If you do not have one in hand and have to fill it out again with your parents present, you will be asked to step out of line to do so.

The information sheet has some important rules of conduct for the event. Please read these rules prior to coming. There are certain things for which we have a zero tolerance policy.

I look forward to seeing each and every one of you at this year's event. As usual, this will be a very competitive event. Come with an edge and ready to work; remember, there are college coaches from the Division II level present at our event evaluating you, as well.



The 2014 Combine Roster is below.
Player Position Year School
Adams, DaNeil RB 2016 Rock Hill
Adams, Thailand WR 2016 Rock Hill
Ailstock, Layne OL 2016 River Bluff
Aimone, Michael WR 2015 AC Flora
Alston, Isaiah
Anderson, Quintein RB 2016 Sumter
Armstrong, Cole DE 2016 River Bluff
Ashe, Sinichie WR 2017 Ridge View
Atkins, Grayson K/P 2017 Boiling Springs
Banks, Manny WR 2015 Irmo
Barber, Kelwin Terrell LB 2015 West Florence
Barrett, Robbie QB 2015 River Bluff
Bass, Tyler K/P 2015 Dutch Fork
Battle, Joseph QB 2016 Abbeville
Baxley, Cameron LB 2015 Boiling Springs
Beans, Michael QB 2017 Hartsville
Bedenbaugh, Colt OL 2015 Gilbert
Bedenbaugh, Harrison OL 2017 Chapin
Belton, Hasaan LB 2015 Blythewood
Benton, Kenny WR 2017 Blythewood
Benton, Timel QB 2016 Blythewood
Blakney, Chris LB 2016 Indian Land
Blankenship, Jujuan De 2016 T.L. Hanna
Bosier, Armon DE 2017 Blythewood
Bradley, Alexander QB 2015 C.E. Murray
Bridges, Devien LB 2015 Dutch Fork
Briggs, Jaylen LB 2015 Westwood
Brigman, Dakota OL 2016 Indian Land
Brittingham, Trent TE 2016 River Bluff
Brown, Tyvon DB 2015 AC Flora
Brown, ZiQuavyous WR 2016 Rock Hill
Bufkin, Martin DB 2015 C.E. Murray
Burnette, Cam WR 2017 Summerville
Carlin, Cullen DL 2016 Ben Lippen
Carolina, Brycen WR 2016 Aiken
Carr, Jordan DB 2015 Lexington
Carroll, Slade RB 2016 Lexington
Cason, Garnett LB 2015 Gilbert
Catoe, Gunnar WR 2016 Lugoff-Elgin
Cervenka, Gage DT 2015 Emerald
Chalk, PJ DL 2015 Rock HIll
Chavis, Andrew DB 2015 Airport
Clark, Gavin Ol 2016 Chapman
Clemente, Keith RB 2015 Travelers Rest
Cobb, Shandon WR 2017 York
Coefield, Adrian LB 2015 Berea
Coefield, Montavis DE 2016 Berea
Colburn, Christopher
2017 Dutch Fork
Colburn, Matt RB 2015 Dutch Fork
Collins, Landon WR 2015 Chapman
Conrad, Zack RB 2015 Clover
Cox, Kawuan DE 2015 Summerville
Croffie, James LB 2015 AC Flora
Croutch, Brandon RB 2015 Rock Hill
Curry, Kendrick DB 2015 White Knoll
Curtis, Tyler DE 2017 Dutch Fork
Davis, Darryl DE 2015 AC Flora
Davis, Dashawn WR 2015 Chapman
Davis, Rion DB 2015 A.C. Flora
Davis, Tyler OL-C 2015 Waccamaw
Dickey, Dorien DB 2015 Christ Church
Dieterly, Mark DB 2015 River Bluff
Dorsey, Tyler WR 2015 C.E. Murray
Doss, Kolton
2015 Chapin
Duncan, Stephen QB 2016 Porter Gaud
Dunn, Justin LB 2016 Blythewood
Easler, Will DB 2017 Saluda
Eberspeaker, Jeff OL 2015 Rock Hill
Ecton, Lane DB 2015 Dutch Fork
Edwards, Kaishawn LB 2015 C.E. Murray
Edwards, Treyvon LB 2015 Rock Hill
English, Josh DL 2015 Rock Hill
Enos, Cary QB 2018 Byrnes
Epps, JaQuan DB 2016 Blythewood
Estes, Austin QB 2016 Belton-Honea Path
Evans, Harrison DE 2015 River Bluff
Evans, Leomont DB-S 2015 Blythewood
Evans, Zack OL 2015 South Florence
Evers, Jacob QB 2017 Marlboro County
Farchione, Jarod LB 2016 River Bluff
Feinbert, Col LB 2016 Wando
Ferguson, Jeremiah LB 2016 Southside
Ferraro, Rob WR 2015 Waccamaw
Finley, Daniel LB 2015 Fort Dorchester
Foote, John DL 2015 Rock Hill
Foster, John Aaron OL 2016 St. James
Foster, Jordan WR 2015 Spring Valley
Frazier, Tyler DB 2015 Spring Valley
Fuller, Khalil RB 2016 Abbeville
Fulmore, Trace DB 2016 Blythewood
Furness, Kendrick QB 2015 North Myrtle Beach
Garibay, Jacob DT 2015 Hanahan
Gerald, Heath QB 2016 J.L. Mann
Gerlits, Conner DE 2015 Cuthbertson
Gerrald, Heath QB 2016 J.L. Mann
Gilliland, Zane OL 2016 Chapman
Glenn, TyDerius LB 2015 Union County
Goodwin, Charleton DE 2018 Abbeville
Goodwin, Tyrell DL 2015 AC Flora
Gordon, Austin RB-FB 2016 Indian Land
Graham, Kyle WR 2015 River Bluff
Graves, Nick DB 2016 Lexington
Gray, Tyler DB 2015 A.C. Flora
Green, Tevon
2018 Summerville
Greenlee, Corey LB 2016 Seneca
Grimsley, Michael RB 2016 South Florence
Guelder, Derien DB 2015 Indian Land
Guillen, Destin DE 2015 Berea
Guthrie, Trenton LB 2017 Carolina Forest
Hamblen, Christian WR 2016 Berea
Haralambis, Stephen OL 2015 Chapin
Hardin, Bobby WR 2018 Hillgroves HS (Ga)
Hardin, Ethan OL 2015 Boiling Springs
Hardy, Antonio WR 2016 Rock Hill
Hart, Bailey QB 2016 Wando
Henderson, Eric DT 2015 Summerville
Hicks, Kendrick LB 2017 Rock Hill
Hill, Jason WR 2015 Boiling Springs
Hines, Tabari WR 2016 South Florence
Hinson, Shemar LB 2016 Ridge View
Hinton, Devonte DL 2015 Lower Richland
Holden, Landon LB 2016 Chapman
Holmes, Justin RB 2015
Hook, Armanti LB 2016 River Bluff
Hopper, Jayson WR 2017 Lexington
Hughes, Dalton LB 2015 Easley
Hunter, Chip OL 2015 Belton-Honea Path
Idris, Zach DE 2017 Christ Church
Isaac, Renaldo LB 2017 Crestwood
Isreal, David QB 2016 Blythewood
Jackson, CJ QB 2016 Greenwood
Jackson, Terrell Rb 2017 Spring Valley
Janochowski, Anthony DL 2015 River Bluff
Jenkins, Russell RB 2016 Sumter
Jenkins, Sekwan WR 2017 Blythewood
Jenkins, Tavonta RB 2016
Jennings, Kedar LB 2017 Lugoff-Elgin
Jeresaty, Blake OL 2016 Bishop England
Johnson, Antwan DL 2016 Rock Hill
Johnson, Bryan DB 2015
Johnson, Davon RB 2016 River Bluff
Johnson, Denzell DB 2015 AC Flora
Johnson, Emanual TE 2016 Blythewood
Johnson, Emmanuel TE 2016 Blythewood
Johnson, Latrell WR 2016 C.E. Murray
Johnstone, Rudy WR 2015 Christ Church
Jones, Dylan QB 2015 Rock Hill
Jones, Emanuel LB 2015 Rock Hill
Jones, Roderick WR 2015 Keenan
Joyner, Aaron DB 2015
Karas, Nick TE 2015 NC
Keisler, Brandon OL 2016 River Bluff
Kelly, Dalton QB 2015 Travelers Rest
Kelly, Malik WR 2017 Dent MS
Kelly, Xavier OL 2016 Blythewood
Kennedy, Tivonte RB 2016 T.L. Hanna
Knight, Marquise WR 2015 Blythewood
Kubu, Michael K/P 2015 T.L. Hanna
Kuhn, Clayton LB 2015 Natino ford
Lambert, Mitchell LB 2016 Dutch Fork
Lawson, Tanner OL 2017 T.L. Hanna
Lee, Ryan QB 2016 Spring Valley
Leonard, Paul DB 2015 River Bluff
Leveretter, Nick QB 2016 Westwood
Linton, Drae QB 2015 Central
Lowe, Eli OL 2015 Easley
Lusk, Mick LB 2015 Dutch Fork
Lynch, Connor OL 2016 River Bluff
Mangum, Thaddeus DL 2015 Christ Church
Manigault, Pedro WR 2015 Wando
Marks, Dante DB 2015 Dutch Fork
Martin, Trevor LB 2016 Indian Land
Mathis, Jake QB 2017 Broome
Mathis, Nate LB 2015 Broome
Matthews, Jaevion WR 2017 York
McCauley, Quincy LB 2015 Carolina
McClure, Adam WR 2015 Chapman
McFadden, DeShaun WR 2015 Rock Hill
McGuire, Jake QB 2017 Blythewood
Miller, Ray WR 2016 Byrnes
Mitchell, Trey LB 2016 Lexington
Moore, Paul RB 2017 York
Morris, Jaylon LB 2018 Dent MS
Mouzon, Aaron DB 2017
Moye, Anthony LB 2016 Rock Hill
Muller, Christopher DT 2015 Orangeburg-W
Murray, Trey DB 2015 Colleton County
Nelson, Tristan DB 2015 Boiling Springs
Nichols, Reese QB 2017 Dutch Fork
Nickles, Mack DE 2016 Dixie
Nix, Hank DL 2016 Chapman
Nixon, Mitchell WR 2015 Ashley Ridge
Norman, Malik DB 2015 Spring Valley
Norton, Anthony OL 2017 Easley
Owens, Kevin QB 2016 Spring Valley
Pam, Khris DB 2016 Blythewood
Parler, Rico QB 2016 Denmark-Olar
Parker, Ronald DT 2015 Blythewood
Parks, Jaylin Rb 2016 Chapman
Parrott, Chris DB 2015 Dutch Fork
Pearson, Myles DB 2016 Rock Hill
Perryman, Donavan LB 2016 Rock Hill
Peterson, Deandre DE 2017 St John's
Plante, Andrew RB 2016 Westwood
Pollard, Austin RB 2016 River Bluff
Poplin, Chase WR 2017 Christ Church
Poston, Seth LB 2015 White Knoll
Prosser, Quinn DB 2015
Pruett, Daniel DB 2016 Chapman
Ragsdale, Tyler LB 2015 Wando
Ray, Ethan OL 2016 Boiling Springs
Reece, Trib QB 2015 North Augusta
Register, Tristan DB 2015 Gilbert
Register, Will TE 2017 Chapin
Reilly, Nathan QB 2015 J.L. Mann
Richards, Darrell WR 2016 Boiling Springs
Richardson, JaeVien LB 2015 Fox Creek
Richardson, Mikaal DE 2016 Ridge View
Ricks, Jaron WR 2015 Spring Valley
Riley, Marquis DB 2016 River Bluff
Riley, Zechariah DL 2015 White Knoll
Riley, Zechariah DL 2015 White Knoll
Roberson, Nick K/P 2016 Greer
Robinson, Brendon RB 2016 Boiling Springs
Rominger, Parker TE 2016 Dutch Fork
Rummel, Will LB 2015 River Bluff
Runck, Daniel OL 2015 Wando
Rush, Detrel LB 2016 C.E. Murray
Russ, Jarrod LB 2016 Blythewood
Rutledge, Donald DB 2015 Crestwood
Salgado, Alan DL 2016 Rock Hill
Sayegh, Isaiah LB 2016
Scoot, Tracy RB 2015 Carolina
Scott, Devin WR 2015 Summerville
Scott, Dominique DE 2015 Dutch Fork
Sherer, Timothy RB 2016 Rock Hill
Simpson, Keenan RB 2016 Cane Bay
Sims, Lamar RB 2016 Dreher
Smith, Cameron QB 2018 Stratford
Smith, Tucker K/P 2015 Blythewood
Sneed, Collin QB 2016 Hillcrest
Spooner, Alec OL 2016 Airport
Stafford, Tanner OL 2015 Rock Hill
Sterling, Nicholas OL 2017 Rock Hill
Stewart, Bryant DB 2015 Boiling Springs
sumrell, Kelsia DB 2015 Easley
Sumter, Malik DL 2017 Dutch Fork
Sweeper, Will WR 2015 Dutch Fork
Tekac, Tyler K/P 2015 Stratford
Telley, Devon LB 2016 Seneca
Thomas, Corey OL 2015 River Bluff
Tillmon, Brandon SS 2016 River Bluff
Tindall, Matthew OL-C 2016 Dreher
Tommie, Will K/P 2015 Emerald
Trotter, Will OL 2015 Wyman King
Truesdale, Nick RB 2017 Rock Hill
Tucker, Richard WR 2018 Chapman
Turner, Elbert WR 2017
Turner, Rick QB 2017 Lake City
Turner, Trace OL-C 2017 Cane Bay
Vardzell, John QB 2018 Wando
Vardzell, Michael WR 2016 Wando
Vaugn, Evan TE 2016 Belton-Honea Path
Vogt, Rory TE 2015 River Bluff
Waites, Kelvin DB 2015 Georgetown
Warner, Whit OL 2015 River Bluff
Waters, Austin OL 2015 Emerald
Watson, Robert Justin DB 2015 Emerald
Weber, Eric TE 2015 Blythewood
Westfield, Braxton WR 2016 Christ Church
Williams, D'nylijah LB 2015 Rock Hill
Williams, Ricky DT 2015 Blackville-Hilda
Williams, Tank DT 2017 Midland Valley
Williamson, Bubba QB 2018 North Central
Williamson, Charels DB 2016 Rock Hill
Wilson, Ben OL-C 2016 Heathwood Hall
Wilson, Lahtavius
2015 South Florence
Wise, Juwan RB 2015 West Ashley
Witherspoon, Da'Chon WR 2016 Rock Hill
Witt, Nick RB 2016 White Knoll
Wood, Dallas OL 2017 Boiling Springs
Woods, Trey DB 2015 Marlboro County
Wrice, Cameron WR 2016 Southside
Wright-Linton, Drae
2015 Central


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