2007 Profile: LB Charles White One Of States Best

LB Charles White, Blythewood High School/ Profile is ALWAYS the leader in bringing you the names of the best
players in the state, first.
Name: Charles White
Position: Linebacker   
Height: 6-1
Weight: 208
Graduation year: 2007
Nickname:"The Truth"
About Charles White : Charles played football for Coach Raymond
Jennings at Ridgeview High School this past season, but will be taking his services to
Blythewood for his senior season. This past year, he collected 94 tackles, 5 sacks, 7
tackles for loss, 2 interceptions, and broke up 3 passes.
What others are saying about Charles White: "Definitely one of
the best in the state - at least that we've seen."
Favorite college growing up: Clemson
Mailbag: Georgia Tech, South Carolina, East Carolina
Player/Pro Athlete you most admire: "Hank Aaron"
What does White need to improve on the most this off season in his own words:
Flexibility. I've watched him in work outs and he is the total package, but he's tight in
his hips. With the possibility of having to move to the secondary at the next level,
that's the area he needs to work on.
JB's take on Charles White:  White is like one of those dragsters
that is fully idled when the green light comes on. This is a kid that's motor is already
at full speed when the ball is snapped. I love the intensity that he plays with on the
He's a knock-back tackler who drives his victims into the ground. He's got excellent
speed demonstrated in his pursuit of the ball, and is always in position to make the play.
I can tell you he will be one of our Top Fifteen Athletes in the state - maybe even top
ten - and definitely one of the top LB's in the state.
Check out his