2012 State Player of the Year

The time has come for the announcement of the 2012 SCVARSITY.COM SOUTH
CAROLINA PLAYER OF THE YEAR, sponsored by Dusty Rhodes, Rhodes and
Companies. We are proud to announce that this year's winner of the
award is:
Dusty Rhodes and his team at Rhodes Companies will be sponsoring the
award this year and will be providing a custome designed South Carolina
Player of the Year award ring to the 2012 winner.
The Dusty Rhodes South Carolina Player of the Year by is
open to all varsity level players - not just seniors. The list of
candidates, as always, was impressive and very difficult for the
voters to choose from. It is NOT an award that is
based on the career of a player, but rather his performance in the
current football season.
Below is a list of past winners of the award and where they went for
their post-prep careers. Be watching Monday, August 6th, for the
release of this year's preseason candidates.
*- won as an underclassman