2013 All State Football Combine

The All-State Football Combine is the top football
combine event in the Southeast and possibly the entire country. Drawing
more than 500 athletes to take part in testing, skills sessions, and
intense one-on-one competitions, this event is second to none of its
Players will arrive and check in and receive their compression
performance shirt and have their photo's made for profiles. They will
then beging the measuring/testing phase of the event. This phase that
includes measuring their height and weight, standing long jump, bench
press (reps at 185lbs), pro-agility shuttle, and the 40 yard dash.
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Coach Baxter, First I would
like to tell you that we have paid a lot of money that we didn't have
for Chris to attend combines this spring and your showcase today beat
them all by a land slide. Your coach's were more than helpful and it
was worth every penny and then some. In fact, I left wondering why I
didn't have the good sense as a parent to move to SC and if Chris
wasn't going into his senior year of high school I would! Thank you for
allowing us to come and participate.
Chis Moon from North Carolina
First of all, South Carolina is our home state. We care about the
players in this state and the exposure they get; we care about their
opportunities. That was the reason that founder Jim Baxter left the
Nike events and began producing the All-State Football Combines.
Secondly, it is affordable. While most "meat market" combine companies
are charging anywhere from $89.00 to $200.00, we charge just $30.00. It
pays for your shirt, insurance, and our coaches. Third, and most
important, there is not another event out there that can give you the
national exposure that you get with this event. is one of
the leaders in the nation's number one sports and recruiting network, and Yahoo Sports, and we get you the exposure you deserve.
(That is something we do for you regardless of whether you attend our
event or not because of our commitment to the kids in our state.)
"The performance exercise phase is important," says owner
Jim Baxter, "because it allows the athletes to learn something that
will help them when they go back to their towns and begin working on
their own. If you're a quarterback, for instance, you don't have the
same body mechanic requirements that a running back has; if your a wide
receiver, you don't have the same as a defensive back and so
why train the same? You need to learn the exercises that will help you
develop and refine your motor skills for your specific position and
that's what we do here."
After the skills session, comes the part of the combine that all of the
players look forward to - the one-on-one's.
"We bring the kids together to showcase their skills against each
other," said Baxter. "The quarterbacks will throw to receivers who will
be covered by the defensive backs; the running backs and linebackers go
up against each other and it enables us to evaluate them in their reads
and reaction; the offensive linemen and defensive linemen go head to
head, showcasing their blocking skills and rush techniques
respectively. The thing I like best about the one-on-ones is we can
create some very competitive match ups because it is a controlled
Baxter, who began working combines for Nike many years ago, started
producing the All-State Football Combine seven years ago in an effort
to help players from South Carolina.
"I watched so many kids from the Southeast get into the Nike combines,"
said Baxter, "but logistically, it wasn't realistic to have more than
40 or 50 players from any one state. I felt that the players of our
state deserved a chance to showcase their skills and measurables so I
decided to produce our (South Carolina) own combine for our players.
Our first combine had close to 500 players in attendance and now, we
try to limit the registration to 350-400 players so that we can manage
and instruct in a quality manner; the 2011 event had 540 players and
went very smoothly."
Moore Orthopedics is one of's sponsors for the event and,
according to Baxter, are a vital part of the service.
"Our sponsors, Moore Orthopedics in particular, enable us to put this
event on at a very low cost to the kids," said Baxter. "The are so
supportive of what we do and they come out and support us with their
training staff as well. What other combine out there is able to run
this many kids through a quality camp, have them in a very nice workout
shirt, get them this kind of exposure and provide training services
such as taping, stretching, injury treatment, and hydration at little
cost to the competitors? No one else. I have to say without Moore
Orthopedics and the coaches who put in their time to help run the
testing, training, and competition phases of this event, we wouldn't be
able to pull it off."
As we say, there can only be one of two reasons the guy that is ranked
in front of you is there: he is either better than you or he got more
exposure. The All-State Football Combine is second to
none at getting exposure for the players. First of all, you have the
benefit of the opportunity to get into the nation's number one football
recruiting database on as a member of the network. But we also put you in front of
coaches. While Division I and Division III coaches are not allowed to
attend these events by NCAA rules, Division II coaches are. We invite
every Division II school in the country to our events and the coaches
are on hand to evaluate you as a player. In the past two years, we have
had 35 players leave our event with package offers from Division II
schools and even more players who received offers after the combine
Are we guaranteeing you that you will get offers? Absolutely not and if
any company tells you that, they are not being truthful to you. What we
do guarantee is OPPORTUNITY to showcase your talent in front of the
coaches. Much like a job interview, we can get you the interview but
you've got to get the job yourself.
Once you complete your registration and have paid, your name will be
added to the roster for the event. On Monday, March 25th, you will receive an
email with information for entry
into the event and a medical waiver. This waiver must be
presented for entry into the event. If you do not have this, you will
not be allowed to compete. You will also receive information on how to
prepare for the event and what to expect, as well as information on
opportunities to prepare for the event.