2015 QB1 Performance Training Schedule

The 2015 QB1 TRAINING DAYS schedule is being released for early
registration. This off-season's schedule will include thirteen camps
state-wide, including one in Georgia. Because of the demand of the QB1 TRAINING DAYS and the
camps selling out so fast, we are offering early registration (at
discount) so that we may determine if we need to schedule multiple
sessions in certain sites/dates so that we may accommodate all players
who want to train.
Last year's training days were very
successful, with every player
experiencing improvement in their game and that improvement translating
into higher production. We had four of the QB1 Alumni selected for the
Shrine Bowl, including both starting quarterbacks, and fourteen QB1
Alumni selected for the North-South All-Star Football game. Seventeen
of our Class of 2014 players signed national letters of intent (LOI)
this past February and the QB1 Class of 2015 is well on its way to
equaling or besting that mark and the Class of 2016 group may be one of the strongest yet and could have the largest number of Division I LOI signees of any class yet. This year's QB1 Challenge saw seven players knotted up in scoring as they headed into final events and that is a tribute to the players getting better through the TRAINING DAYS.
absolute best
off-season mini-camps for quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs,
tight ends, linebackers and defensive backs in the state
of South Carolina. These training days are instructive and performance
based giving your player the ultimate experience without the high cost
of so called "elite camps" that promise the moon.
So, you can
jump really high and run really fast? That will make you a great
"shorts warrior" but can you PERFORM at the highest level possible at
your position when you strap on the pads?
your player gets with the QB1
TRAINING DAYS are three hour mini-camps with
instruction on every phase of play in relation to his position. From
style="font-style: italic; font-weight: bold;">Funtional Performance
Agility Training and position
specific skills sessions, which focus on
drills and excercises in mechanics designeds specifically for his
position to an intense performance session where the athletes perform
their position in skills-practice sessions, your quarterback and
receivers will leave knowing they've had the best workout they've ever
had with them as the focus.
Each three hour TRAINING DAY includes three, one-hour phases:
Funtional Performance Training focuses on drills designed
for the mechanical requirements for their position. During this phase,
athletes will also learn about nutrition and training. We instruct on
how to set these drills up and how to perform them so the players can
take a program design with them to work on in their own time.
Position instruction and drills which will cover the mechanical
issues, footwork, and mental aspect of their position. Each athlete
will leave the session with specific 'home work' assignments to work on
between TRAINING DAYS and will be evaluated on those mechanics upon
return of the next training session.
Performance/Practice phase will put the quarterbacks and
receivers together for an hour-long phase of performance. During
performance, players will be evaluated by staff so that they will know
exactly what they need to work on for the next TRAINING DAY.
You cannot control how tall you are, how good your competion will
or how hard your competitors will work. What you can control are the
development of your own speed, you footwork, your mechanics, your
understanding of the mental side of the game, and how hard you will
work. We will only concentrate on the things that you do have control
These TRAINING DAYS are open to all QBs, WRs, RBs, TEs, LBs, and DBs
from grades 7 through 12. It is highly recommended for the younger age
group to start this specific type of training now to prevent the
development of bad habbits. Our coaches have worked national camps such
as Elite 11, QB1 Challenge, as well as the Nike, UnderArmour and
All-State football combines. (For 4th grade thru 6th grade
Quarterbacks, see our QB1 Genesis Program Registration)
The cost of the QB1 TRAINING DAYS is low
so that your athletes can participate. The cost of these
TRAINING DAYS are less expensive than what you will pay for even
personal trainers. Costs are $40.00 per camp. This includes insurance
and QB1 performance shirt.
There are multiple options for Training Days around the state and more
dates are currently being added. If you have any questions about this
opportunity, please feel
free to email me at
Below are the dates; you can register for individual dates or packages.
The packages are obviously priced for value; when you register for a
5-day package the cost is just 30.00 per session; if you register the
entire 13-session package, they are just $26.00 per session.
There are no refunds on registrations unless camps are cancelled.
ALL Saturday events are from 9am-12pm.
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2:00 - 3:00
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