All State Combine Huge Success

Close to 300 players converged on the campus of Newberry College for
the 2013 All-State Football Combine today. Players from
Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina joined our South Carolina guys for
the top combine event in the Southeast.
The SCVarsity ASFC records are pretty impressive but today saw one of
our old records fall as Cherryville (NC) offensive lineman Gus Deviney
knocked out 38 reps on the 185lbs bench press. The previous record was
32, set by South Aiken's James Gore in 2009. Deviney walked into the
weight room and asked Coach Micah Kurtz what the record was; Kurtz
replied "32." Deviney said, "not any more," and got on the bench and
commenced to setting a new record.
For the first time ever, we implemented the standing broad jump into
the testing set. There were a lot of great leaps but Westwood High
School's 2015 WR Adonus Lee had the best jump at 10 feet, establishing
the SCVaristy All-State Football Combine record for the event.
As with any testing event in the country, there were some players who
weren't happy about their performances, primarily in the 40 yard dash.
We try to explain to players, coaches, and parents that we are going to
give accurate times and they may not always be what the players are
being told they run "back home." Complaints were also voiced about some
wind issues and running into the wind, though it was less than 5mph
winds and was not constant.
The wind, however, did not seem to affect some players at all. Lakeside
(Ga) 2015 running back Josh Jones turned in 4.43 and 4.48 times
in his attempts. An interesting point on his times is that I was
personally watching him run and this kid had slight slips coming out of
the start on each run and still blistered the event. The track star
from Augusta, Georgia also turned in a 4.12 shuttle run.
Blythewood had two players, WR Lynard Jamison and CB Aaron Peak, turn
in impressive 40 times of 4.55 and 4.51 respectively.
There were a lot of players turning in impressive times in the shuttle.
Players are getting more used to running this event and understand the
body control part of transitioning their speed and did a great job when
they weren't slipping. The top shuttle time was North Augusta DB Dale
Young (2014), who missed the combine record by 4 tenths of a second. He
ran a 3.94 on his second attempt, after a 4.0 on his first try. Dutch
Fork 2014 RB Walter Roberson ran a 3.97 and Blue Ridge 2014 LB Lake
Stoval ran a 3.99.
style="font-weight: bold;">COMBINE MVP'S WERE IMPRESSIVE
As with each year, the combine MVP's were impressive in their skills
sessions and one-on-one competitions. Here's a look at the guys who
captured the coveted awards.
QB MVP - Daniel Thompson, 2015,
Boiling Springs HS - Thompson has been impressive from the first
time we saw him as a rising ninth grader two years ago. He showed near
flawless mechanics, a very strong arm, and better than average accuracy
on the routes, hitting the receivers on their breaks in very tough
RB MVP - Walter Roberson, 2014, Dutch
Fork HS - Roberson was a machine at running back, playing
physical against a very strong group of linebackers and catching
everything thrown his way.
WR MVP - Lynard Jamison, 2014
Blythewood HS - Jamison is an example of why players need to
attend the QB1 QB-WR Training Days. This junior standout from
Blythewood ran very crisp patters, was lethal in double moves, really
sticks his foot in the ground and transitions better than any other
receiver in camp, and has hands of glue.
OL MVP - Noah Green, 2015, Boiling
Springs HS - Green was fierce in one-on-ones, taking on all
comers and not giving up a sack in the pass protection drills. He's got
excellent footwork, has great hip angles, and holds his blocks well.
DL MVP - Tyrell Goodwin, 2015, A.C.
Flora HS - Goodwin is very physical and really takes it to the
would-be blockers with a relentless pursuit of the ball carrier. He's
good at staying low and is a very strong power rusher. He was seldom
challenged in match ups.
LB MVP - Scott Roudabush, 2014,
Boiling Springs HS - Roudabush was one of the most fundamentally
sound linebackers in camp. He's very physical, and attacked the running
backs under control. What was most impressive about him is that he
displayed the coverage skills of a defensive back and I think he could
really excell as a strong safety.
DB MVP - Lane Ecton, 2015, Dutch Fork
HS - Ecton showed great fundamentals in coverage skills, read
the receivers well, showed excellent transition speed and very good and
targetting his breaking points. He plays safety but has the skills to
play corner, as well.
Blythewood HS - This 2014 cornerback was a unanimous choice for
the overall combine MVP. He is as close to a "lock down" corner as you
can get in high school, with refined coverage skills. He's explosive
coming out of his t-step, is very instinctive on release reads from the
quarterback, has great hips, and incredible breaking speed. I only saw
him give up one completion in one-on-one's on the day and he had great
coverage on it, as well.