Blythewood LB Charles White Has Them Whispering

Columbia (SC) Blythewood High School Linebacker
href="">Charles White
is a player that is beginning to cause a lot of activity the radar screens of recruiters.
With an impressive highlight reel that demonstrates his prowess on the field and an
equally impressive academic transcript, this player is slowly evolving from a true sleeper
to a legitimate prospect. Charles spoke to about
his recruiting and his recent visit to Duke University for Junior Day.
"I enjoyed the trip very much," said White. "It was an opportunity to
spend some time with some other athletes that are going through the recuiting process and
listent to a coach that really believes in his program's future."
White stated that the staff at Duke is committed to "buidling" something that
that they've never had at Duke.
Next on the schedule for White will be a trip to the University of North Carolina for
their Junior Day in two weeks.
"Most of the schools that have my tape have contacted us back," said White.
"All except for South Carolina."
South Carolina happens to be the one that White would like most to hear from, as the
Gamecocks are his favorite.
"It would be great to play for them," said White. "It is right here at
home for me, and my family would be able to follow my career."
Career minded is what White is. His ambition is to play on Sunday's, like so many other
young prospects, but White has the drive and ambition that makes one thing he has a chance
to make it. A 3.85 student with a 1250 on the SAT, White's free time is spent working out.
"That's what I do for fun," said White. "I just work out more and that's
about all I do. I'm focused on my goal and know what it is going to take to achieve
Next month, White will be participating in the Power Clean competition at Spring Valley
High School. Right now, he power cleans 275lbs, benches 265lbs, and squats 435lbs.
When he's not working out, he's playing one of the Madden games on his Playstation II.
So, what school is going to land this outstanding student athlete?
"I'm looking for a school that graduates its players," said White. "I'm
also looking for early playing time and a school that will afford its players good
Charles is an extremely level-headed young man who is focused on his goal of playing
major college football. It's not clear right now who the winner will be landing his
services, but it is clear that the loser will be those that don't even get in the running
because of overlooking this outstanding player.
Video Highlights - Blythewood-Charles White - Click Here
Stay tuned to as we follow one of our top rated
linebackers through his recruiting process and his senior football season.