Call For Action: Personal Fouls

The game of football is physical and dangerous enough without players
playing dirty and performing, what appear to be premeditated and
probably encouraged, acts of hooliganism on the field with the intent
to harm. There is NO PLACE in football for this kind of activity and
the players who peform these acts should no longer have the honor of
playing this game at the high school level and the coaches who
encourage it should be joining the unemployeed.
If you watch very closely in the second clip, you will notice No. 29 in
white punching/elbowing the downed QB in the head as he gets up. Watch
this video several times and watch every player on the defense as the
action unfolds. Keep in mind, the offense was no where near snapping
the ball in the first few clips and in the second game (defense in dark
jerseys) the ball had just been set by the ref for play - again, no
where near a snap. These "off-sides" attacks were obviously planned.
While most people will ask "what is the SCHSL going to do about it," I
think it is the responsibility of the Florence School District 1 to act
on this. So the question is, what are THEY going to do about it? Is
this the type of representation of their school district that they want
on the sidelines and on the field on Friday nights? Really?