style="font-weight: bold;">
We will be doing early check in
for participants who are booked Friday night at the Holiday Inn Express
in Newberry. These players will receive their combine performance
shirt, their testing card, and checked off so that Saturday morning
they can walk right into testing and bypass the check-in line at the
We will NOT be doing the
recruiting seminar, as we did not have enough people pre-register for
this early check in. What we WILL do is have an informal "fireside
chat" with a "Question and Answers" session with owner
and recruiting analyst, Jim Baxter.
Early check in is at 8:00 PM,
Friday night, conference room, Holiday Inn Express.
Saturday, April 20th - 9:00 AM
Newberry College
9:00 - 10:00 am - Check In, receive shirt, photo (testing will
begin immediately.)
11:30 am - 12:30 pm Break (Venders Available)
12:30 - 1:00 Skills Drills
1:00 - 1:15 Huddle Up
1:15 - 2:30 One-On-One competitions
2:30 - 2:45 Huddle Up/Dismiss
Release Form (you will not be allowed to sign in without the
release form)
Workout gear, shorts, shirts
Cross training (flat/gym) shoes and football cleats. NO TRACK
Game or highlight video tape (optional but strongly encouraged)
Players are encouraged to bring their own snack/hydration - we
will have water and vendors will be available.
Quarterbacks are encouraged to bring one ball - make sure it is
marked with your name on it
Athlete must start with ALL body parts behind the starting line. Timer
will start upon the athlete's FIRST movement and stop the clock when
the athlete's chest crosses the finish line. Each athlete will receive
two runs - faster time will be logged.
PRO SHUTTLE (5/10/5)-
The athlete will start with one hand down and their feet straddling the
starting cone. They will then sprint to the left or the right (their
choice) and touch WITH THEIR HAND at the first line and again WITH
THEIR HAND at the second line and sprint through the finish (failure to
touch the line with the hand will result in a scratch). Timing begins
when the hand leaves the ground and stops when the athlete's chest
crosses the finish line. The better of two runs will be marked.
Feet together behing the line; participant MUST stick the landing
without foot movement; you will be allowed to put hands down on landing
to keep balance but feet must stick on landing. .
This will be the number of full repetitions the athlete can perform
with 185 pounds. The athlete will receive help from the spotter lifting
the bar off of the rack and lock out the elbows. The athlete can then
begin performing the test. One full repetition will be counted when the
athlete touches the chest with the bar and presses to complete lockout.
The spotter will count for the athlete. If complete lockout is not
achieved or the bar does not touch the chest the rep will not count.
Testing ends when the athlete cannot achieve another rep.
These tests will be done with no shoes on and in one pair of shorts and
one t-shirt.
If you do not want results posted from a certain testing station,
let the
camp official running that station know and he will mark your card
DO NOT mark on the card yourself or you will be excused form
participation in
the event.
There are professional trainers on hand (provided by our corporate
Moore Orthopedics) to help with any injuries, strains, pulls, etc... If
you have
any type of injury coming into the camp and need taping, go to the
tent and they will help you.
There will be DII college coaches on campus watching this event.
they are there looking for football players. This may be the first time
and only
time they see you so the first impression you give them will be the
impression. You will be watched from the moment you step on campus -
THAT is when the evaluation begins.
Look like an athlete. They are looking for football players - not
rap stars
or rock stars.
Watch the language. Please try to communicate with one another
without foul
language. If we hear it, we will give you a warning.
Be respectful. The camp staff, many of whom take time out of their
schedule away from their families to work this event, do not need to
attitudes from players. Remember this; you don't play for our team and
we have
no problem excusing you from the event if the attitudes get out of
Have fun. Many players get nervous at these events. Remember...its
football. It is the game you love, so relax and have a good time.
Below is the current roster for the event; if your name is not on this
list, you are NOT registered. If you feel there is an
error, Email your receipt to
us at

Aiken, Kenyon

Allen, Brent

Allen, Triston

Alston, Josua

Anderson, Cortez

Anderson, Tyreek

Andrews, Carlton

Armstrong, Napier

Ashe, Michael

Barksdale, Jarrell

Barr, Christopher

Battle, Joseph

Belack, Kyle

Belger, Zach

Bell, Josua

Bellamy, Laquinn

Bellamy, Martwain

Belton, Shon

Benbow, J'uann

Benjamin, Corey

Bikulege, Stanley

Blakey, Craig

Blocker, Jordan

Blyther-Wright, Zaavier

Boggs, Colby

Boni, Vinny

Bowie, Chase

Boykin, Ben

Brown, Brennen

Brown, Johnell

Brown, Marcus

Brown, Tyvon

Brunson, William

Bryan, Donnell

Burkett, Aaron

Burtless, Michael

Byrd, Jamar

Carr, Jordan

Carranza, Josh


Chavis, Jason

Chavous, Mike

Cheek, Eric

Chisolm, Shaquille

Clark, Gabe

Clary, Jacob

Clemene, Keith

Cleveland, Deangelo

Colburn, Matt

Coleman, Marques

Cook, Will

Cox, Treshon

Creekmore, Griffin

Culbreath, Michael

Dallas, Lutrell

Daniels, Jerome

Davis, Justin

Davis, Rion

DeBoer, Alec

Dendy, Jahmein

Deviney, Gus

Doe, DeoVonte

Dunbar, Dre

Duncan, Steven

Duncan, Trey

Dunn, Justin

Earle, Johnathan

Easaw, Peter

Ecton, Lane

edwards, henry

Edwards, Steven

Elder, Bruce

Epps, Ja'Quan

Estes, Austin

Evans, Ross

Farmer, Trey

Finn, Liam

Fluitt, Oceanezz

Furness, Kendrick

Furtick, Kenneth

Gallman, Tyrel

Gillespi, Daryus

Goodwin, Tyrell

Gordon, Austin

Gore, Cameron

Gray, Kaderius

Green, Noah

Griffin, Roshad

Grimsley, Michael

Gutierrez, Roberto

Hagood, Jonathan

Harden, Bobby

Harkness, Matthew

Harley, Dee

Harley, Shaun

Harrison, Chase

Harsey, jake

Hatten, Travay

Helms, Dalton

Hendrix, Jarrett

Hill, Jason

Hill, William

Holmes, Derrontae

Hopkins, Khalil

Hopkins, Shadarius

Hughes, Romansul

Hunter, Chip

Hutchinson, Josh

Irby, Bobby

Jackson, Shikease

Jameson, Lynard

Jaques, Ben

Johnson, Akeem

Johnson, Denzel

Johnson, Latrell

Johnson, London

Johnson, Zach

Johnston, Stephen

Jones, Dylan

Jones, Jamerick

Jones, Josh

Jordan, Keito

Kelly, Dalton

Kelly, Malik

Kelly, Xavier

King, Andrew

Kirkland, Chaslar

Koons, Richard

Kuhn, Clayton

Lambert, Mitchell

Lee, Adonus

Lemay, Jordan

Lemon, Dominique

Lewis, Demetrius

Lincoln, Hunter

Lindsay, Jaylen

Livingston, Mark

Mathis, Jake

Mathis, Nate

Mattison, Austin

McCord, Emanual

McDaniel, Kyle

McDowell, Phillip

McIntosh, Zac

McKinney, Garrett

McRae, Omar

Meece, Tyler

Mercer, Deandre

Meyerink, Michael

Middleton, Jawara

Miller, Ray

monley, Jayni

Moody, Levi

Moore, Keyshawn

Moore, Ryan

Morris, Donyell

Morris, Jaylon

Moseley, Warren

Nelson, De'Ares

Nero, D'Aundre

Nichols, Isaac Reese

Ogletree, Mannie

ostas, Mike

Page, Daniel

Pam, Khris

Parson, Anthony

Patrick, Tyrese

Patterson, Allen-Michael

Peak, Aaron

Perdomo, Nick

Perry, Addison

Perry, Jordan

Peterson, Terrell

Phillips, Tyreke

Rattray, Brandon

Raymond, Anthony

Redmond, Chris

Reece, Trib

Reed, Collin

Register, Tristan

Reilly, Nathan

Rice, Ta

Richards, Darrell

Riley, Stacey

Roach, Colin

Robinson, Dedric

Rodgers, Terrance

Ross, Braxton

Roudabush, Scott

Rowland, Calvin

Ruger, Austin

Sands, Nick

Scott, Michael

Sedergren, Logan

Shamlee, Daryl

Sherer, Timothy Dondre

Simmons, Delvin

Simon, JuWan

Smalls, Damon

Smalls, Khalil

Smith, Jaquan

Smith, Jaylen

Smith, Sean

Springs, Johnathan

Stanley, David

Starling, Jamal

Sterling, Nicholaas

Sterling, Shaw

Stone, Forrest

Stovall, Lake

Stovall, Malik

Sumter, Malik

Surfus, Alex

Sutton, Jonathan

Taft, Tyler

Tarte, Wallie

Thomas, CJ

Thomas, Trayvon

Thompson, Alex

Thompson, Raquan

Timmons, Stephen

Turner, Elbert

Turner, Wesley

Vaugn, Evan

Walters, Delano

Ward, Raheem

Washington, Marquez

Washsington, Marcus

Waters, JT

Watson, Alex

Watson, Jordan

Welch, Quan

West, Kyon

Whitley, Jake

Whitley, Kolby

Whitney, Michael

Williams, Delonzo

Williams, Demetrius

Williams, Desmond

Williams, Diamond

Williams, Heze

Williams, Jalon

Williams, Jordan

Williams, michael

Wilson, Josh

Wright, Ra'Darrius

Young, Caleb

Young, Dale