Guest Blog: Over Analysis Leads To Paralysis

My good friend and former Head Football Coach of Pikevill College and
Newberry College, Zak Willis, is now doing blog on recruiting. Zak has
been a successful coach at every stop in his career (Newberry, Michigan
State, Ohio) and is thought of the most as a great recruiter. In all of
our years of chatting about players and evaluations, the one thing we
see "eye to eye" on is that the bottom line in evaluations is "can a
player perform? Can he make plays? Can he get the job done?" A yes to
those questions is far more important than height, weight, and 40 time
to guys who don't complicate the game of football. Zak will be sharing
some of his thoughts weekly with us on and you can follow
his blog at
UP ABOUT RECRUITING. I hope you visit his new blog and I hope you
enjoy his thoughts as much as I do.