Kicking Game Camp Showcases Talent

The first session of the South Carolina Varsity Kicking Game Training
Days is in the books and it was a great day of workouts for the kickers
as we head into our five-camp series to make these guys better athletes
and kickers.
After some stretching as a group and a good jog around the stadium to
get the blood circulating and heart beating good, Coach Mark Fowble
went to work on helping the kickers get set up for warm ups and
explaining what to expect from Session I, as well as the rest of the
camp series.
"This was a good group of kickers," said Fowble. "They all have great
attitudes and all actually kick the ball pretty well. There's some
things we can work on with each of them to make them better but I was
happy with what I saw out of them today."
Coach Fowble talked about our kicking philosopy with the players and
how we focus on foot speed and direction, and the components of each of
those things.
But another important element of the kicking camp was the presence of
Dr. Jay Patel, who is a specialist in Biomechanical Analysis and has
worked with collegiate, professional, and olympian athletes in refining
their skills and performance. Dr. Patel was able to help in identifying
key elements in the players' functional movement and make that part of
our evalautions.
"It's neet to watch Dr. Patel just look at a kid move and say stuff
like 'he just had a growth spurt recently' or 'he's go tight adductor
muscles' or 'this guy is going to miss to the right every time' and
then he's right," said Coach Fowble. "It is an element to what we're
doing that I don't think these kids get anywhere else."
Every kicker in camp today stood out in one area or another. Dutch
Fork's Tyler Bass,
Blythewood's Tucker Smith, and
Stratford's Tyler Tekac led as
experienced upperclassment in the camp. Another rising senior, who is a
first year player and kicker, Nick
Rogers of Marlboro County, was impressive in his charting today,
as well. Greer's Nick Roberson
is a strong lefty from the Class of 2016, and Boiling Springs freshman
style="font-weight: bold;">Grayson Atkins showed great form as
the youngest kicker in camp.
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Kicking Game Training Days, email us at