Palmetto State LB Commits To Georgia Bulldogs

Columbia (SC) Blythewood High School Linebacker
href="">Charles White
has been's top linebacker for months and colleges have been jumping on board
recently, taking note of Whites prowess and coming through with offers. Now, after a
relatively short time on the radar, the 6-0, 206lbs linebacker has ended his recruiting as
quickly as it started by giving his commitment to one of the four schools who were willing
to offer him early.
White gave his committment to the University of Georgia Monday night over the phone to
Coach Jon Fabris, the Dogs' defensive ends coach. No press conference...not limo flashes from media...just business; but that's how Charles White is - on and off the field.
"I know its early and it sounds crazy," said White, "but it just felt
right. Every since they (Georgia) offered me last week I've been thinking about it and it
just seemed right."
White, who has not even taken an official visit yet, said there were several factors
that led to his committment.
"Basically, it just comes down to my desire to play for a strong program, which
Georgia has, and one that can offer me opportunities for my future, which they can."
The fact that the Bulldogs are one of the top programs in the SEC and one of the most
successful in the country certainly played a part in White's decision, but that was not
all of it.
"Georgia players are successful after college," said White. "Whether
they make it to the NFL or not, they go on to good careers and for me, its just about the
opportunities that I'll have from being a part of that program."
White said that Coach Fabris told him they were excited about his committment and that
he met all of the qualifications that they look for in their players - mainly good
character and field performance.
He also said that he was intrigued by the possibility of an opportunity to play early.
White, who has a 1250 on the SAT and a 3.1 core GPA is also a possible candidate for
January enrollment. He's already a qualifier and while he says at this point he's not
thought a lot about it, early enrollment could be a possibility.
When asked if he thought it was too early in his recruiting to take this step, White
was sure of his answer.
"No. There were some schools that I liked, but after the feeling I got about
Georgia, I would have committed to them if they were the third offer or the thirty-third
offer - that's where I felt led." will have more on White later this week, including a video interview on
his committment and Spring practice at Blythewood.