Peak Lacrosse Shines in First Tournament

style="font-weight: bold;">PEAK LACROSSE
program travelled to Greenville this past weekend for the South
Carolina Shootout. It was the first competitive tournament for the 1st
year program and the teams were impressive in their performance. For
this tournament, the program combined the U15 and U19 team rosters to
participate in the U19 bracket. Facing the challenge of playing much
younger players in the older bracket, Coach Matt Williams and his staff
devised a brilliant strategy to remain competitive. They accomplished
that task, with the team fnishing 4th overall in the tournament and
having three PEAK LACROSSE players make the High School All Star team
for the tournament. Louis
Rodriguez, Shawn Merritt, and Corbett Glick were all selected
for the All-Star team.
Here's a coaches eval of the PEAK LACROSSE players and how they
performed in the tournament.
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you are interested in becoming involved in the PEAK LACROSSE program,
contact program director Jim Baxter at
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