Playing In Shadows

I have had the privilege to watch some very good softball games the
past two weeks. During that time I have seen the Boiling Springs Lady
Dawgs play three times and came away very impressed each time with a
kid that I have known for a while.
Often over looked behind stars like Taylor Cabe a Harvard signee and
Bailey Maybry a Limestone signee is shortstop Katie Jacoby. She has the
best range of any middle infielder I've seen this season. Her glove,
arm, and quickness are all top notch. She has made great play after
great play and never falters.
Jacoby is headed to SWU for her collegiate career to play for Coach
Ball. If you get the opportunity to take in a Boiling Springs game,
don't get blinded by the bigger names and make sure you watch this kid
work. I know that coach Ball is grinning from ear to ear waiting on her
arrival to SWU.