QB1 Friday Night Lights Camp

QB1 will be producing a TRAINING DAY on Friday night, July 25th at
Hunter Kinard Tyler High School. This camp will follow the same format
as our normal training sessions with the exception of the addition of
defensive backs. The defensive backs will go through their own position
specific agilities and specific skills in the first two sessions and
will be included in the one-on-one's third session, presenting
defensive coverage to the mix of our training.
Speed and Agility training focuse at drills designed
specifically for the mechanical requirements for their position. During
this phase, athletes will also learn about nutrition and training. We
instruct on how to set these drills up and how to perform them so the
players can take a program design with them to work on in their own
Position instruction and drills which will cover the
mechanical issues, footwork, and mental aspect of their position. Each
athlete will leave the session with specific 'home work' assignments to
work on between TRAINING DAYS and will be evaluated on those mechanics
upon return of the next training session.
Performance/Practice phase will put the quarterbacks and
receivers together for an hour-long phase of performance. During
performance, players will be evaluated by staff so that they will know
exactly what they need to work on for the next TRAINING DAY.
QUARTERBACKS need to understand the importance of proper linear and
rotational mechanics and how it relates to vectoring the ball. They
need to undersand how to work a pocket; they need to undertand pre-snap
reads, coverages, and coverage disguises.
WIDE RECEIVERS need to udnerstand body control and decelleration in
order to run flawless routes; they need to learn to focus; they need to
learn how to determine coverages and how a DB is playing them.
DEFENSIVE BACKS must understand down & distance AND field
position tendencies;  Learn to read the receivers you will be
facing off of the film; how fast are they? Who is the go-to guy? Do
they run their routes consistently? How big and how physical are they?
Do they telegraph what they are going to do with their alignment?
 How strong are you at route recognition? Do you jump into a
quick back pedal or do you take your read steps first? How do you break
on the ball? A t-step or click step? Quick step break? What are your
break reads?
WHEN: Friday Night, July 25th from 6PM - 9PM
WHERE: Hunter Kinard Tyler High School
COST: $40.00 
Make sure you include a contact email and contact phone number on the
registration. We will send a form to complete registration to the email
listed. If there are problems with email, we may contact you by phone.
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