QB1 Players Train In Any Conditions

Most quarterbacks and wide receivers don't train in 40 degree
temperatures on a Saturday afternoon; they will lose when they face QB1
quarterbacks and wide receiver because we train anywhere, anytime, in
any conditions. Yes, QB1 was on the field Saturday in those conditions
TRAINING to get better.
Footwork, footwork, footwork. We've been burning footwork in the brains
of our QB1 quarterbacks in each session and the improvement is very
visable live and on film.
We want these kids to evolve in their game. In session one, we
identified footwork as the major area needing work. So many of these
kids play in the shotgun and air raid offenses and have never even
taken a snap from under center. We want them to have a complete game,
so we work every aspect of the position, inlcuding the drops from under
center and their footwork in and around the pocket.
Union County's Ben Beck is getting better with every session. As one of
the older guys, he's not only shown improvement in his game development
but as a leader in the camp. He's contantly encouraging the younger
players when they are struggling with throws or mechanics and has shown
good leadership.
The sophomore crowd was impressive again. Ben Lippen's Robert Barrow,
and Daniel's Andy McCall each have gotten better with the work outs. I
believe both of those guys will be competitive in the junior class at
this Summer's QB1 Challenge and McCall has a chance to be one of the
favorites for that class.
The freshman class, however, may have been most impressive in their
performances. Chapin's Logan Bailey, who quarterbacked the Eagles'
junior varsity team this past season, was strong in skills and in
performance when throwing to the receivers. BHP's Austin Estes has
shown great improvement in his mechanics and is throwing the ball
better in each camp. Dutch Fork's Cole Douglas continues to show a
strong arm for a freshman and make great throws in the performance
phase. Spring Valley quarterbacks Ryan Lee and Kevin Moore continue to
work hard at their skills and Lee could actually push in competition
for the spot on the Vikings roster if he continues to improve.
The middle school crowd's improvement is most noticable of all of the
groups. White Knoll's Bryce Fields is loosening up a good bit and is
throwing the ball much better with more confidence now. Camden's Devin
Beckley obviously picked up a lot at the last session because he was
markedly improved this weekend. Jackson Williamson from Anderson was in
for his first session and showed good skills and a solid arm for this
crowd. He'll be competitive in this class in the QB1 Challenge in July.
The wide receiver group was smaller in numbers this weekend but it was
clearly the best group we've had in terms of talent. D.W. Daniel
running back Jae'lon Oglesby worked out at wide receiver and looked
like he had been playing the position forever. He's smooth and has
incredible body control, runs crisper patterns than most wide receivers
I've seen in camps, and has very good hands.
Another 2014 player who came for the first time was Union County's T.J.
Foster. This 6-3 junior, like Oglesby, ran great pattersn and had very
sticky hands. He's a nice target and attacks the ball at its highest
point. Blythewood's Lynard Jamison and Javon Smith were both very
impressive; they have great speed, very good hands, and Jamison has
great body control, making adjustments on off-target passes and pulling
in the difficult catches.
Boiling Springs' Jason Hill continues to shine in the sophomore group,
showing great improvement in his route running. Daniel's Noah Priesh is
also getting better in the mechanical side of his game. Westwood's
Tyrel Gallman was there for his first camp and was very impressive in
his routes and his hands, not dropping any on-target balls.
The eighth and ninth grade crowd was led by Ben Lippen freshman Alec
Deboer and White Knoll eighth grader Aydan Fields.
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