QB1 Talent Shines Through Clouds and Rain

QB1's second Quarterback and Wide Receiver training day in Charleston
went over well and again, QB1 player proved that they have no fear of
water as we trained through the rain that began to fall during the
third and final hour of the camp.
From QB1's inception, we have maintained to the players that they need
to focus on the things that they CAN control and no worry about those
things they cannot control, such as the weather. They were warriors in
the weather and it was, as always, a great camp that saw everyone get
The quarterback group was strong and discussion among staff is that
while the QB1 Training Days focuses on all players, it is evident that
it is transforming into a camp for elite players who seek to refine
their skills, as well as the more novice players seeking to better
their skills.
Jacob Park of Stratford was
easily the top quarterback in this camp and the best we've seen this
year. That comes as no surprise, as he has been my No. 1 QB in the
state for the past two seasons. Park has all of the skills with no
glitches and a poweful arm that can deliver the ball on any route. He's
gotten so proficient at his footwork and looks really good on his drops
from under center, which a lot of today's quarterbacks struggle with
because of rarely lining up there. He's got a very quick release and
nice delivery; accuracy is solid.
I felt like the second best quarterback we had in camp was Cane Bay's
style="font-weight: bold;">Devin Kilgore. This 6-4, 212lbs
signal caller has improved each time we've seen him in camp. He's got
good footwork and has really polished his mechanical skills. He has a
smooth delivery and a quick release and his arm strength is as good as
any in the camps we've seen. I look for him to be an FCS prospect and
if he can get in front of some coaches this Summer, could see some
Orangeburg-Wilkinson's Austin Bradley
was at his first QB1 Training Day yesterday, but proved to be very
coachable, picking up the drills quickly with his athleticism. He' has
a smooth throwing motion; needs to work on his release a little but his
accuracy does not suffer currenlty. I was impressed with his showcase
of skills in his first outting.
Goose Creek's Dantez Bennamon showed a lot of raw talent as a passer,
considering he is not asked to throw the ball a lot in the Gator's
ground game attack. He's got a strong arm and while he struggled with
some of the pocket footwork drills, he was very strong in agilities,
demonstrating strong athleticism. He told me that this was the first
time he had done some of the pocket foot work skill challenges and
considering that, did farely well. This kid has the ability to play at
the next level; it will more than likely be at another position but he
will execute the Gators' offense well.
Ashely Ridge freshman Steven Duncan showed improvement just within the
past two weeks. He has some work to do with his footwork but he's got a
big sturdy frame, more than adequate arm strength and accuracy, and a
strong work ethic. One of the better freshmen quarterbacks that we've
seen in this camp series.
Goose Creek had two freshmen on hand and both looked good in drills.
Dominique Jefferson showed good athleticism in agilities, as did
teammate Austin Brehmer.
The Wide receiver group was small in number but they were certainly not
short in talent. There were two receivers that stood out to QB1
receiver coach Robert Wells and myself.
Summerville eighth grader Cameron Burnette was in for his second camp
and was, again, one of the top performers among the receivers. He
displayed excellent body control in agilities and skills, is able to
stick his foot in the ground and transition with great speed, and he
has excellent hands, with the ability to turn and run up the field
well. This is a kid that I think can play at the varsity level as he
comes into the high school this fall as a freshman.
Pinewood Prep rising senior Donnell Bryan was excellent in skills and
agilities and showed a phenomenol concentration and ability to catch
the tough passes. He's got excellent hands and great breakaway speed.
This is the type of player who can be a difference maker in SCISA
football. I can only imagine the damage he could do if they get him the
ball in space.
Foster Moe of Porter Gaud was, again, impressive to me. I liked this
kid in the previous Charleston camp because of his hustle, hard work,
and fundamentally sount technique. He's not going to woe you with his
speed, but he does everything the right way and has excellent hands. I
would take this kid on my team any day of the week and go to battle.
Porter Gaud had several receivers in camp and all showed excellent
hands. Not quite as fleet footed as Burnette and Bryan, they do have
excellent hands are players who will enable the Cyclones to move the
ball down field if they can find a quarterback to get them the
Valentinio Fazi of Goose Creek diplayed a lot of athleticism and, like
the other receivers in camp, showed great hands. While we did not do
times yesterday, Fazi showed good speed burst coming out of his cuts
and after the catch. Could make a good slot receiver.