QB1 Training Day in Charleston A Hit

For the first time this off-season, the QB1 Training Day saw gorgeous
weather and we had a strong group of quarterbacks and wide receivers
invade Porter Gaud in Mt. Pleasant for a tough workout to get better.
A great group of frequent flyers of QB1 were on hand to lead the
newcomers in drills, making it a more comfortable learning experience
for the first time trainees. Among those QB1 quarterback vets were
Wando's Bailey Hart, Porter Gaud's Steven Duncan, and Liberty's Tyler
Burgess. As usual, the experience pays off in the QB1 training drills,
which are intense and demanding as we focus on footwork, footwork, and
more footwork.
Wando's Bailey Hart continues to shows excellent form in his mechanics
and a strong arm. Hart's big asset in my opinion is a "swagger" that he
has about him; call it confidence or whatever, but it is very noticable
and a strong intangible to have.
Duncan has an absolute cannon for an arm. He makes all of the passes on
the route tree look easy. He's using a lot of his arm right now but the
scary thing about him is that when he learns to use his hips and body
rotation in his mechanics, his already high velocity is going to get
even higher.
Burgess, like Duncan, has a strong arm and despite a long wind up, the
6-5 player has a nice, quick release on the ball and always stands out
in camp.
South Pointe quarterback Taylin Burris was at his first QB1 Training
Day but picked up the pace and drills sequences very quickly. Burris is
a very good athlete and can really spin the ball well. He moves very
well through the agilities, showing good footwork and he's going to be
a strong contender at the QB1 QB-WR Challenge this year.
Wando freshman Oliver Michaude, who was on hand last year for several
events, had a very good first camp. He's grown a good bit over the past
year and packed some weight on but it hasn't affected his skills, as
his arm shows great improvement in strength from last year to this
first camp for him.
Fort Dorchester eighth grader Dakereon Joiner caught the eyes of the
staff as soon as he began throwing the football. The 2019 player has a
very athletic frame and an arm that is stronger than most of the guys
one and two classes ahead of him. He's very raw in body mechanics and
release but his footwork is solid and he's got an arm stronger than
anyone else we've seen at his age.
North Central's Hunter Wyantt was at his first training day of this
off-season after attending several last year. He's shown improvement
from last year to this and his arm strength is more than adequate. He's
got a quick release on the ball and appeard to have good accuracy on
target throws and to the receivers.
Stratford eighth grader Cameron Smith has been to every QB1 Training
Day this year and it shows. He's improved in every aspect - mechanics,
footwork, delivery, release - and seems to have a grasp on timing with
the recievers now.
Other young quarterbacks who showed solid performances were Rock Hill's
Tahleek Steele, Buist Academy's Joseph Jenrette, Cario Middle School's
Hugh Meredith, Norh Central's Michael Williamson, Hartsville's Matt
McCoy, and Mullins' Saquan Crawford.
The wide receivers' group took a hit in numbers after several schools'
basketball teams had first round playoff wins, forching them to play
today. We went forward with a very small group of receivers 3:1 QB to
WR ratio and they got the toughest three hour workout they've probably
ever had.
At the end of the camp, they were bent over with hands on knees gasping
for breath, literally, but they were troopers and finished it out.
A solid group of players from Mullins High School was on hand and
Dominique Pritchett looked strong for the Aucs. Wando sophomore Michael
Vardzell continues to impress everyone at each camp, showing precision
footwork, good speed, vertical ability, and excellent hands.
Clark Middle School's Jacobe Perry showed good footwork for such a
young athlete, and his hands were soft. I like him and with an already
long body, he's got a lot of potential to develop into a very good wide
Lexington eight grader Brandon Bagwell was at his second training day
and showed improvement from the first. He's got good feet and despite
being a little stiff when running, he looks better in his routes this
time out and has good hands.
Wando gets the top school for the day with eight campers on hand.
Mullins actually sent four guys from the Pee Dee area and our biggest
travelers were South Pointe, Rock Hill, and Hartsville.
Well, it is kind of hard to understand why people would ask this
question but in a word...RESULTS; in another word...EXPOSURE. The QB1
Training Days are quite simply the best performance training available
anywhere for quarterbacks and wide receivers. Our relationship with
Elite 11 as past and current coaches affords us the benefit of helping
our players get into those elite events and our affiliation with Sports affords our players the benefit of being a part
of the datbase in the worlds unequaled high school and college
recruiting media property. Appalachian State wide receivers coach
Justin Stepp sums it up very well here:
style="border: 0px solid ; width: 300px; height: 154px;"
class="size-medium wp-image-71"
alt="Justin Stepp is one of the rising stars among college coaches."
align="left" hspace="5">
"Want to give a big shout out to Coach Jim Baxter and the QB1 QB/WR
Camps. QB1 is one of the best fundamental instructional camps for
quarterbacks and wide receivers in the country. Master your craft. Be a
technician. You can do that at QB1! These guys are great football
coaches that care about kids and do things right!" - Coach
Justin Stepp, Appalachian State University, Wide receivers coach
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