QB1 Training Day Talent Level Rises

The QB1 QB-WR Training Day mini camps returned to Columbia this past
weekend for an added date due to demand and the talent level continues
to rise at each camp. From the younger players who are growing in their
skills to the older guys, everyone is getting better each time out.
style="font-weight: bold;">COACHES BUYING INTO THE SYSTEM
Make no mistake about it: QB1 QB-WR TRAINING DAYS is a system designed
to make every player who attends better at their position. Each drill
was designed or refined to target the areas of weakness that my staff
and I have seen in the college camps, on the players' films, and in the
national camps that we have worked. There is no standing around at this
camp, every player sweats through a difficult and demanding workout,
and every player gets a high volume of reps.
"We've seen a tremendous difference in the footwork of Devin
(Kilgore)," said Cane Bay assistant Gerald McCulley. "He's like night
and day from last year in that department and his throws seem to be a
lot more accurate at this point."
style="font-weight: bold;">QUARTERBACK GROUP VERY STRONG
The quarterback group in this Columbia camp was strong in talent, with
thirty of the state's top signal callers on hand. Here are just a few
of the one's who captured my attention and that of my staff, as well.
Demetrius Lewis, Irmo HS, Class of 2014:
Demetrius is a frequent flyer with us and, like every other kid in this
system, has seen tremendous improvement in his footwork and throwing
motion. He's very athletic and I believe he has a future at another
position at the Division I level. We worked him out some at wide
receiver in camp, as well, and he proved he can be very effective at
that position, too, with great vertical ability, good body control, and
very good hands.
Michael Knox, C.A. Johnson,
style="font-weight: bold;">Class of 2014: This was Knox's fist
QB1 camp, but he is a quick study. He's a very coachable player it it
was very evident that this 6-3, 200lbs player is an athlete. He picked
up quickly in the agilities, which is very challenging to new comers,
and showed good arm strength in the skills sesssion. His footwork needs
some work but that will come as he uses these drills to improve in that
area. Like Lewis, Knox is a player who can play Division I ball at some
position, whether it is safety, where he looks strong on film, or at
wide receiver. We had Knox take some reps at wide receiver, as well,
with the permission of his coaches, and like Lewis, he excelled in that
area as well.
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Beach (Socastee) Thursday, June 6th
(Berea) Saturday, June 15th 
HS Saturday, June 22nd
Spartanburg TBA
(Irmo HS) Saturday, July 27th   
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Dalton Helms, Nation Ford, Class of
2014: Helms is a very good athlete and demonstrated quick feet
in the agilities sessions. He moved well in the pocket drills in the
skills session and showed a strong arm with good accuracy in the sprint
out/target throws. He sometimes doesn't follow through on his throws
but he's got a good throwing motion and a good high release. He threw a
nice, catchable ball in the redzone and goal line session to the

Derek Olenchuk, Dutch Fork, Class of
2014: Like Knox, this was Olenchuk's first run through QB1. He's
got good athleticism and did well in the agilities. He ran through the
skills drills with confidence and showed adequate footwork. He's got a
very strong arm but needs some work on his throwing motion. He throws
with the elbow low and dips his shoulder in his motion, but he still
delivers a ball with good velocity. With some work reps on his motion,
he could improve his accuracy tremendously. He has a lot of potential
and should be, again, very effective for the Silver Foxes in 2013.
Davis King, Hammond School, Class of
2014: King has improved tremendously from the hard work he has
put in on his own. From his first QB1 camp to this weekend, he is a
different quarterback. He showed he has been working on his footwork,
went through the skills sessions with ease, and nailed the targets in
the accuracy session with sprint out passes. He is going to be a big
assett to the Skyhawks in 2013.
Drae Linton, Central (Pageland), Class
of 2015: Linton was a pleasant surprise. He showed great feet in
the agilities session and was a quick learner in the skills. He's got a
quick release on the ball, despite a somewhat awkward throwing motion.
He is very coachable and picked up quickly in the skills session.
Charles Mallory, C.A. Johnson, Class
of 2015: Marllory proved to be a quick learner in the position
agilities with very quick feet. He strugged a little in the skills
session with the footwork, but it was evident  he had never
performed these type of drills before and he picked up quickly. In the
passing accuracy segment, he was impressive. Primarily a jv quarterback
last season, this is a young man who could be effective in a back up
role on the varsity team for the Hornets. If he can develop and mature
quickly, he would increase their offensive strength by enabling them to
use Knox elsewhere as another weapon.
Austin Estes, Belton-Honea Path, Class
of 2016: Austin is a veteran of the QB1 camps and we (the entire
coaching staff) feel like he is the most improved player we've seen in
camps. He has worked hard and focuses on everything that he has learned
in these camps and applied them to his game. The improvement in his
throwing motion, his release, his footwork, and even his confidence
level is glaringly evident. Regardless of where he ends up in the
quarterback job fight at BHP, he can be a very good leader for his team.
Collin Sneed, Hillcrest, Class of 2016:
Sneed was in for his second QB1 camp and was impressive in all phases.
He's very athletic with quick and sure feet in the agilities, he showed
he's paid attention in the pocket skills challenge drills, and has
impressive arm strength and accuracy in the sprint out/target segment.
This rising sophomore is going to be one of the better quarterbacks in
the Class of 2016 before he's done.
I have to tip my hat to this group of receivers. There were twice as
many quarterbacks in camp this weekend so when session three came, they
were challenged physically because of the high number of repetitions
they were asked to take.
Collin Reed, Boiling Springs, Class of
2015: I'm beginning to sound like a broken record singing this
kid's praises. A tight end, he's got as good a work ethic as anyone
we've had in any camp. He continues to get better in the agilities and
skills session with the wide receivers and our regiment for receivers
is very demanding. He has improved vastly in sticking his foot in the
ground and transitioning into his routes and he has excellent hands. If
we were having a pick up game out there, he would be one of my top
picks. He has a bright future.

Oceanez Fluitt, C.E. Murray, Class of
2014: Fluitt gets the award for the best football name! This
6-2, 180lbs athlete was smooth in agilities with good footwork, despite
not having done a lot of these drills before. He showed good skills in
session two and in session three, ran crisp patters, got into his
routes well, and had very good hands. In the Red zone session he made
great adjustments to the ball and attacked at its highest point.

De'Ares Nelson, Irmo, Class of 2014:
Nelson is a frequent flyer with QB1 and continues to get better. He's
small in stature but big in talent. He's got a great skill set as a
receiver, excellent hands, and shows explosive speed after the catch.
He could be a very nice weapon for Demetrius Lewis in 2013.
Lane Ecton, Dutch Fork, Class of 2015:
Ecton may be the best athlete that we had in camp. He showed tremendous
athleticism in the agilities and was a quick study in the wide receiver
skills session, despite playing primarily defensive back for the Foxes.
He has the skills set to do all of the things necessary to play the
position well, but he needs reps at catching the football. He's used to
separating people from the ball and if he gets in good reps at catching
the ball he could be a very dangerous offensive weapon with his speed
and skills.

Peter Esaw, Keenan, Class of 2014:
Esaw looked strong in the agilities, showing very good athleticism. He
worked hard in the skills sessions and was sharp in his routes. During
session three, he proved to be one of the better receivers out there.
He looked stiff in the skills session but I believe he was challenged
by the drills and looked like he had not performed some of them before.
Once he caught on, his athleticism carried him through. He's a good
looking athlete and a definite offensive weapon who runs very well
after the catch.

Tyrell Gallman, Westwood, Class of
2015: Gallman is another frequent flier at the QB1 camps and
continues to show a refinement of his skills. He's always very good in
agilities, with great body control, shows excellent skills in the
skills session, and is always one of the best receivers in the session
III with the quarterbacks. He's small, but has great speed and
excellent  hands.
Will Sweeper, Dutch Fork, Class of
2015: This was Sweep's first QB1 camp but he caught my eyes. He
worked hard in agilities and the skills and though he was proficient,
didn't really jump out at me. But when we got to session three he
showed a great skill set, running his patterns crisp, great ball
concentration, and very good hands. He looks raw but he has natural
talent and I believe he could be a very good receiver for the Foxes.
Alec DeBoer, Ben Lippen, Class of
2016: Alec is a very athletic player. He's been to several QB1
camps and has always proven to be sharp in agilities, as well as
skills. He's got great after burner speed, and good hands. He's a
little stiff when he runs which take a little sharpness off of his
routes, but that is fixable. He's one of the top freshmen we've had in
camp this off-season.
Tony Yarger, Florence Chapel MS, Class
of 2018: Each camp, we have a middle schooler or two stand out
and this camp it was Tony Yarger. He showed good athleticism in the
agilities and skills for a young player, and was really strong in
session three with the quarterbacks. For such a young player, he's got
a great skill set and has very good hands. He is a hard worker and was
demanding on himself during the entire camp.
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