QB1 Training Day Travels To Charleston

The QB1 QB-WR TRAINING DAYS are spreading like wild fire around South
Carolina. Saturday, the elite quarterback and wide receiver camp
invades Charleston at Porter Gaud for an intense training session.
"There's little doubt in my mind," said QB1 founder Jim Baxter, "that
these are the best instructional and training camps for quarterbacks
and wide receivers available. Myself and most of my coaches have worked
the national camps, including Elite 11 and Nike, for years and I can
tell you that these mini-camps are as good as camp in the country."
QB1 was founded in 2011 by Jim Baxter and Byrnes Head Coach Bobby
Bentley as a 'challenge event' to evaluate quarterbacks. But since that
time, Baxter has taken the organization to another level and added the
training camps in an effort to, as he messages often on Twitter, help
the players "GET BETTER."
"One of the things that I found in the first two years of doing the QB1
CHALLENGE was that so many of the quarterbacks lacked proficiency in
the footwork area," said Baxter. "This is glaringly evident when we
coach these kids at the national camps when they come in and have no
idea how to do some of the footwork drills that we put them through. So, I decided to do something about that and assembled the best
coaching staff I could find with the focus on developing the
skills that these kids were lacking. Our goal is to not just make them
better quarterbacks, but to prepare them for the exact skills that they
are going to be evaluated on at national camps, as well as by
recruiters. And I added receivers to the camps and challenge event
because they are the other integral part of the passing game and it is
only natural for them to train together. When these kids show up with
teammates, it gives them extra hours on the field to sharpen their
timing with the guys they will be playing with in regular season."
The Charleston Camp is scheduled for 10:00 am at Porter-Gaud High
School and according to Baxter, has an impressive group of players
"I think we've got a solid group of kids coming," said Baxter. "We've
got quarterbacks from all over the low country coming in, some starters
and some challenging this Spring for their starting jobs. I think the
wide receiver group is going to be strong here, as well."
Some of the quarterbacks that Baxter mentioned were Berkeley's Matthew
Harkness, Cane Bay's Devin Kilgore, as well as some younger
quarterbacks like Wando's Bailey Hart and William Coleman, and Goose
Creek's Dominique Jefferson. At receiver, he expects good things from
Stratford's Chris German, Summerville Tight End Sean Smith, Edisto's
Akeem Johnson, and Goose Creek's Jordan Barnes.
There will be a QB1 QB-WR TRAINING DAY NOTEBOOK story up on on Saturday night, reviewing the highlights and top
players from Saturday's event.
If you are interested in attending a QB1 TRAINING DAY session visit the
link below; if you are a coach and interested in bringing a QB1
TRAINING DAY to your school, email
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