USC Commitment Now Sure

Wide Receiver D.L. Moore (6-5 188) of Bowling Green, KY said Tuesday night he will
  stick by his originial commitment to USC and sign with the Gamecocks Wednesday.
Moore was undecided for a short time after his close friend and teammate, TE Ryan Wallace,
committed to Colorado. The Buffs made a strong push for Moore and Tueday his coach said
Moore was giving Colorado consideration. Moore confirmed he did give Colorado a look.
"Colorado doesn't have a bunch of receivers like South Carolina does," Moore
said. But by late Tuesday night Moore said he was firmly back in the USC fold. "It's
because of the things I said when I said I was going to South Carolina," Moore said.
"I'm the only receiver going to South Carolina in this class and they came all the
way up to Bowling Green to recruit me. That tells me something about their interest in
Last season Moore caught 63 passes for 1350 yards and 13 touchdowns.