Varsity Video: RNEs Tye Wright has Wheels is ALWAYS the leader in bringing you the names
of the best players in the state. This coming football season will be no different as we
are already splicing and editing the film of those players who are destined for the Top Players List.
The Richland Northeast Cavaliers finished No. 2 in the state in the Class AAAA-DII and
its no secret that they have two all-americans in their Class of 2007 in Mark Barnes and
Gary Gray. But those two are not the only athletes who will turn the heads of recruiters,
as quarterback/athlete Tye Wright will also woo the recruiters.
This past season, Wright started at quarterback for the first time and had a 10-0
record as a starter. He passed for 784 yards for a 14 yards per completion average and
passed for six touchdowns. He als displays strong running abilities -evidenced in this
film highlight -  and projects as a wide receiver at the next level. He finished the
season with 275 yards rushing and four more scores on the ground.
Just click on the photo to watch and enjoy, and stay tuned for more footage of this
great athlete later.
src="">Click Here to view this Link. Exclusive Video, Tye Wright, QB, #10, Richland Northeast High
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